Graham Croft R.I.P

27/07/51 - 21/05/17

Graham’s funeral and service for thanksgiving for his life will be held on 23rd June. At 2pm in Strode Crescent Baptist Church

There will be a short service of Committal at Bobbing Crematorium at 4pm. There will also be a chance to reminisce and chat together over tea served at the church.

Graham has been a great part of the church for many years; he played his guitar and led through song on Sundays and during the week,he acted as cleaner and caretaker.

Graham always believed he would be fit and well again one day, and that when his bad leg had been amputated and a good prosthetic leg in place he would be able to cycle again. His aim was to do a sponsored cycle around the Island to raise money for the PDSA who had treated his dog Milly when she was seriously ill.

For this reason there will be a collection in Graham's memory to be sent on to this charity which was so close to his heart. See a few performances of Graham below….

Graham Croft in one of his last performances singing, “In a world of fear and darkness” by Wanda Jackson. A timely song in the week of his passing being the same week of the Manchester City atrocity

Graham and Abbey sing a song together at a church social meal